Hitomi Nozawa

Hitomi Nozawa

As I grew up in my tiny hometown in Japan, I was always inspired by the great nature around my house. I naturally started to sing, dance and explore my creativities in mountains and gardens as a child.

I had a striking experience at age of 4 when I went to see first musical theater show. I was mesmerized by the professional energetic singing and dancing, and I was crying at the end of the show. That's when I decided I want to sing and dance in the rest of my life. Somehow, I felt like it is an agreement with the universe I am here to give back the great energy to the world. 

​I was always different from all the classmates in my small hometown deep in the mountain and was constantly wishing to fly to other countries and meet people from all over the world.

 After I studied Voice and Dance many years in Japan, ​I came to NYC. I have been living here for 12 years since then.

I fell in love with NYC. The city makes me feel so natural and strong.The city is filled with creative spirits and I love interacting with all the people who somehow ended up here. It reminds me how we are all uniquely created for each other, and the city teaches me to just to be myself. Just to be with my own expressions.

My Story




Singer/Dancer based in NYC. A native of Shizuoka, Japan, in her early years, she practiced piano, voice and modern ballet. She studied vocal performance at Hamamatsu Gakugei High School, Showa Music University and Morningside College. She completed her music degree in voice in 2006. After completing her formal education in music, she continued to study various dance styles such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop, afro Brazilian, etc.

Since Hito came to NYC, she performed at Barclays Center, Lincoln Center, BAM, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Gotham Hall and La MaMa Theatre. She performed in Fringe NYC, Tribeca Film Festival, Toy of the Year Award, and the DUMBO Dance Festival. She worked with actors and artists from various genres such as Whoopi Goldberg,Danny Elfman, Catherine O'hara, N'dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) and many more.

In 2017, Hito performed at Barclays Center for New York Premier Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Live-to-Film concert with Danny Elfman and Catherine O'hara. She performed as soprano in the orchestra.

Hito has taught dance, art, music, nutrition, and mental health maintenance to typically developing children as well as those with disabilities in New York City for more than 6 years.

She leads her energetic, sexy open adult Zumba classes at fitness clubs and at Columbia University.

Hito is grateful to be able to perform, teach, inspire and transform others with her talent. She stays active in NYC and believes we can create peace in the world by inspiring and loving ourselves.



野澤 瞳





その後、米国 Morningside College への音楽奨学金を受け編入、同大学にてオペラ、ダンス、ミュージカルの舞台に出演した後、2006年に芸術学士号(音楽)課程を終了し卒業。音楽専攻での教育に加え、ニューヨークにてクラッシック、モダンバレエ、コンテンポラリー、ジャズ、ヒップホップ、アフロブラジリアン等、様々なダンスのクラスを受講する。




公演の仕事をする傍ら、 ニューヨーク公立、私立幼稚園、小学校、高校、また養護学校にて子供のダンス、音楽、栄養学、心理学の教育に6年以上を通して赤ちゃんからティーンエイジャーまで、1000人以上の子供たちに心と体と自己肯定感の大切さを教える経験を持つ。様々な人種、家庭環境の子供達一人一人にアートや音楽の素晴らしさ、自分を大切にすることの大事さを伝える。


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